Certified Asthma Educators

An asthma educator is a certified expert in counseling patients with asthma and their families on how to manage asthma symptoms and minimize the impact on their quality of life.

Watkins Allergy and Asthma Staff are certified through the National Asthma Educator Certification board (NAECB), a not-for-profit organization. The mission of the NAECB is:

“To promote optimal asthma management and quality of life among individuals with asthma, their families and communities by advancing excellence in asthma education through the Certified Asthma Educator process.”

To become AE-C® Certified, staff members:

  • Have comprehensive, current knowledge of asthma pathophysiology & management including human development, cultural aspects, chronic illness & teaching-learning principles
  • Understand how asthma is diagnosed & how to assess its control
  • Teach the best use of medications & delivery devices, explaining technical concepts in understandable terms
  • Conduct individual & family assessments to identify strengths, resources, psychological factors, social & economic impact, educational needs & barriers to optimal health care & self-management
  • Work with individuals with asthma, their families & healthcare professionals to develop, implement, monitor & revise the asthma action plan customized to individual needs, environment, disease severity & lifestyle
  • Monitor asthma education program outcomes & recommends changes to improve quality & effectiveness
  • Serves as a resource to the community by providing information about asthma as well as healthcare & community resources

To learn more about asthma educator certification, click here. If you would like to talk to one of our certified asthma educators, contact us or schedule an appointment today.